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A Quiet Home

I dream of the end of The Suburb as a way of life. Separating living spaces from work and shopping spaces, by significant distances, creates either the necessity of the automobile or of superb mass transit. We must end this necessity. Short-distance travel can be done efficiently by using buses, horses, bicycles, and human feet. Long-distance travel can be done using trains and boats.

In this modern age of instant communication, it is no longer as necessary for people to move quickly about in order to carry on daily business. A return to compact city centers surrounded by rural/agricultural areas can be done without ending our high-tech lifestyle. By making cities denser, and freeing up the land around them, the environment will be more stable. This also reduces the distances people need to commute, removing the necessity for automobiles. Such a setting is what most people imagine when dreaming of space colonies... so why not do it on earth? Because there is no economic incentive.

I dream of going to space. I dream of helping to build the infrastucture for space travel and colonization. Sometimes I open up my notebook and work on space station and lunar settlement designs, and my focus seems to be autonomic systems such as waste recycling and food production. I've been trying to fathom how to cook in free-fall. But that's a long-term dream.

Meanwhile I dream of engineering, exploring this world and others, and living a good life.